2013 Tri-State Beef Conference Proceedings

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Virtual Tours
Stuart Land and Cattle Company – Rosedale, VA
Foster Farms – Glade Spring, VA
Riverview Farms – Knoxville, TN
Terry Snyder Farm – Mountain City, TN

Heifer Development for the Cow/Calf Producer and Stocker Operator
Dr. Justin Rhinehart, Assistant Professor & Extension Beef Specialist, University of Tennessee

Scott County Premium Assured Heifer Program
Dr. Bill Fuller, DVM

Weed Control & Pasture Based Beef Operations
Dr. Scott Hagood, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech

Beef Industry Issues
Dr. John Anderson, Deputy Chief Economist, American Farm Bureau Federation

Beef Cattle Outlook and Market Planning
Mr. Jim Robb, Senior Agricultural Economist and Director, Livestock Marketing Information Center

Managing Price Risk in Beef Operations
Dr. Andrew Griffith, Assistant Professor & Livestock Marketing Specialist, University of Tennessee

By-product Feeds and Feed Additives
Dr. Matt Poore, Professor & Extension Ruminant Nutrition Specialist

Health & Behavior and Their Impact on Performance in Stocker Operations and the Feedlot
Dr. Brad White,DVM, Associate Professor, Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine

The Big Picture – Start to Finish
Mr. Tom Brink, Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer, JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding