Replant Net Return Calculator

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The Replant Net Return Estimator was developed as a decision aid to assist Tennessee producers in estimating the change in revenue and cost (net return) when evaluating a replant decision for corn and soybeans. The spreadsheet allows the user to estimate the net return from replanting corn or soybeans. The spreadsheet does not allow changing planting decisions from corn to soybeans. Producers should always consult their crop insurance provider prior to making any replant decisions.

Note Regarding Security Settings: The decision-aid file contains macros (examples: buttons for printing and moving from the intro page to the calculator) which are required for the calculator to function properly. Security settings for Microsoft Office or Excel may give you warnings when you open the file regarding the safety of enabling the macros. This will especially be true if your security settings are set to high or very high. The macros in the file must be enabled for the calculator to function properly.

Download Replant Net Return Calculator

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