Pennycress Budget Worksheet

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The Pennycress Budget Worksheet is an interactive computerized decision aid designed to help researchers examine the costs of growing and harvesting Carinata as a cover crop between two row crops.  This carinata budget model is the work of numerous individuals including James A. Larson, Evan Markel, Jamey Menard, Umama Rahman, Alan Robertson, and Burton English. The budget has been under development since 2016 and different versions have used in several winter oilseed crop projects.

This software was developed by personnel from the Agricultural and Resource Economics Production Economics Analysis Group (PEAG) and the Bio-Based Energy Analysis Group (BEAG).  Funds that supported the development of this budget came from the Federal Aviation Administration under FAA Award Number: 13-C-AJFEUTENN-Amd 13 and from United States Department of Agriculture under Hatch Awards Accession No. 1024362 and TEN00574 led by Kim Jensen and Accession No. 1020537 and Project No. TEN00551 led by Carlos Trejo-Pech.

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Updated September 2023

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