2020 Refereed Articles

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Article NameJournalAuthors
Analyzing Corn and Cotton Producers Optimal Prevented Planting Decision on Moral HazardAgronomy Journal 112(3):2047-2057Kevin Adkins, Christopher N. Boyer, S. Aaron Smith, Andrew P. Griffith & Andrew Muhammad
Profit-Maximizing Planting Date and Seeding Rate for Upland Cotton in the Mid-SouthJournal of Cotton Science 24:183-188Christopher N. Boyer, Shawn Butler, Tyson Raper, Michael J. Buschermohle, Darrin M. Dodds & Andrea Jones
Risk, Cost-Share Payments, and Adoption of Cover Crops and No-TillJournal of Soil and Water Conservation 76(2):166-174K.M. Campbell, C.N. Boyer, C.D. Clark, S.A. Smith & D.M. Lambert
Hemp: Can Cooperative-Run Quotas Prevent Overproduction?Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development 9(2):9-11Chad Hellwinckel
Effects of Landscape, Soils, and Weather on Yields, Nitrogen Use, and Profitability with Sensor-Based Variable Rate Nitrogen Management in CottonAgronomy 10(12):1858J.A. Larson, M. Stefanini, X. Yin, C. Boyer, D.M. Lambert, X. Zhou, B.S. Tubana, P. Scharf, J.J. Varco, D.J. Dunn, H.J. Savoy & M.J. Buschermohle

Livestock & Pasture Management

Article NameJournalAuthors
Reproductive Failure and Long-Term Profitability of Spring- and Fall-Calving CowsJournal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 45(1):78-91Christopher N. Boyer, Karen L. DeLong & Andrew P. Griffith
Improving Beef Cattle Profitability by Changing Calving Season LengthJournal of Applied Farm Economics 3(1):19-30Christopher N. Boyer, Andrew P. Griffith & Ky G. Pohler
Seasonal Hay Feeding for Cattle Production in the Fescue BeltJournal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 52(1):16-29Christopher N. Boyer, Dayton M. Lambert, Andrew P. Griffith, Christopher D. Clark & Burton English
Factors Influencing Bred Beef Heifer Sale Prices in a Sequential AuctionApplied Animal Science 36(5):754-759Christopher Boyer, Kenneth Burdine & Kevin Laurent
Replacing Late Calving Beef Cows to Shorten Calving SeasonJournal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 10.22004/ag.econ.304773Christopher Boyer, Kenny Burdine, Justin Rhinehart & Charley Martinez
Risk and Returns from Grazing Beef Cattle on Warm-Season Grasses in TennesseeAgronomy Journal 112(1):301-308Christopher N. Boyer, Katelynn Zechiel, Patrick D. Keyser, Justin Rhinehart & Gary E. Bates
Does the Tennessee Master Beef Producer Program Impact Technical Efficiency?Western Economic Forum 18(2):7-14Christopher N. Boyer, T. Edward Yu, Justin Rhinehart, Amelia Ahles & Mackenzie Gill
Bivariate MIMIC Analysis of Pasture Management and Prescribed Grazing Practices Used by Beef Cattle ProducersJournal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 45(1):56-77Kristen Holley, Kimberley L. Jensen, D.M. Lambert & C.D. Clark
Analysis of Closed Versus Operating Dairies in the Southeastern United StatesJournal of Dairy Science 103(6):5148-5161Jade Ellis, Karen L. DeLong, Dayton M. Lambert, Susan Schexnayder, Peter Krawczel & Steve Oliver
Evaluation of Eastern Gamagrass and a Sorghum x Sudangrass for Summer PastureAgronomy Journal 112(3):1702-1712Patrick D. Keyser, Christopher M. Lituma, Gary Bates, Elizabeth D. Holcomb, John C. Waller & Andrew P. Griffith
Price Determinants of Stock-Type Horses Sold at Public Online AuctionsJournal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 52(4):596-612Michelle L. Kibler & Jada M. Thompson
Best Pasture Management Practice Adoption and Sediment AbatementJournal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 52(2):204-221Dayton M. Lambert, Christopher D. Clark, Laura J. Medwin, Shawn A. Hawkins & Hannah A. McClellan
Beef Cattle Markets and COVID-19Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 43(1):304-314Charles C. Martinez, Joshua G. Maples & Justin Benavidez
Forage Mass, Nutritive Value, and Economic Viability of Cowpea Overseeded in Tall Fescue and Sorghum-Sudangrass SwardsCrop, Forage & Turfgrass Management 6(1):e20003Renata L.G. Nave, M.P. Quinby, A.P. Griffith, M.D. Corbin & G.E. Bates
Temporal Changes in Angus Bull Attribute Valuations in the MidwestJournal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 45(3):518-532Christopher N. Boyer, Donna L. Lofgren, Nick Minton, N.J. Olynk Widmar, Terry S. Stewart, Minfeng Tang & Nathanael Thompson
Effects of Drought and Media-Reported Violence on Cattle Fever Tick IncursionsFrontiers in Veterinary Sciences 7(373)Jada M. Thompson, Amy H. Delgado, Hallie S. Hasel & Denise L. Bonilla
Overseeding Cool-Season Annual Grasses into Dormant Lowland Switchgrass StandsAgronomy Journal 112(5):3808-3815Pattarawan Watcharaanantapong, Patrick D. Keyser, David W. McIntosh & Andrew P. Griffith


Article NameJournalAuthors
Discounted Cash Flow Valuation of Conventional and Cage-Free Production InvestmentsInternational Food and Agribusiness Management Review 24(2):1-18Carlos J.O. Trejo-Pech & Jada Marie Thompson
Capital Budgeting Analysis of a Vertically Integrated Egg Firm: Conventional and Cage-Free Egg ProductionApplied Economics Teaching Resources 2(4):34-46Carlos J.O. Trejo-Pech & Susan White


Article NameJournalAuthors
Enhancing Consumer Horticulture’s Millennial Outreach: Social Media, Retail, and Public Garden PerspectivesHortTechnology 30(6):642-649Esther McGinnis, Alicia Rihn, Natalie Bumgarner, Sarada Krishnan, Jourdan Cole, Casey Sclar & Hayk Khachatryan
Outdoor Home Gardener Preferences for Environmental Attributes in Gardening Supplies and Use of Ecofriendly Gardening PracticesHortTechnology 30(5):552-563McKenzie Thomas, Kimberly Jensen, Margarita Velandia, Christopher Clark, Burton English, Dayton Lambert & Forbes Walker
Use of Polyethylene and Plastic Biodegradable Mulches Among Tennessee Fruit and Vegetable GrowersHortTechnology 30(2):212-218Margarita Velandia, Karen L. DeLong, Annette Wszelaki, Susan Schexnayder, Christopher Clark & Kimberly Jensen
Tennessee Fruit and Vegetable Farmer Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Plastic Biodegradable MulchJournal of Food Distribution Research 51(3):63-87Margarita Velandia, Kimberly Jensen, Karen L. DeLong, Annette Wszelaki & Alicia Rihn
Evaluating the Relationship Between Fruit and Vegetable Growers Use of Plastic Biodegradable Mulches, and Environmental Stewardship and Labor Savings: The Case of Tennessee Fruit and Vegetable FarmersSustainability 12(5):2075Margarita Velandia, Roderick Rejesus, Christopher Clark, Karen L. DeLong, Annette Wszelaki, Susan Schexnayder & Kimberly Jensen


Article NameJournalAuthors
The Spillover Effect of Export Processing ZonesChina Economic Review 63:101478Weixiao Wu, Chang Hong & Andrew Muhammad
How Important Are Product Attributes for U.S. Lamb Imports?International Food and Agribusiness Management Review 23(3):411-423Danielle Ufer, Amanda M. Countryman & Andrew Muhammad
The End of the Trade War? Effects of Tariff Exclusions on U.S. Forest Products in ChinaForest Policy and Economics 122:102350Andrew Muhammad & Keithly G. Jones
Implications of KORUS on U.S. Beef in South KoreaInternational Journal of Trade and Global Markets 13(4)Andrew Muhammad, Jada Marie Thompson & Karen Lewis DeLong
COVID-19 and Cotton Import Demand in ChinaAgribusiness 37(1):3-24Andrew Muhammad, S. Aaron Smith & Tun-Hsiang Edward Yu
International Trade Implications of Highly Pathogenic Poultry Disease EventsAgricultural and Resource Economics Review 49(3):517-537Jada M. Thompson, Dustin L. Pendell, Amy D. Hagerman & Kamina K. Johnson

Precision Technology

Article NameJournalAuthors
Modeling Multiple Reasons for Adopting Precision Technologies: Evidence from U.S. Cotton ProducersComputers and Electronics in Agriculture 175: 105625Krishna P. Pauldel, Ashok K. Mishra, Mahesh Pandit, Sherry Larkin, Rodrick Rejesus & Margarita Velandia

Biomass & Bioenergy

Article NameJournalAuthors
Modeled Economic Potential for Eucalyptus spp. Production for Jet Fuel Additives in the United StatesBiomass and Bioenergy 143:105807Maggie R. Davis, David Kainer, Gerald A. Tuskan, Matthew H. Langholtz, Chad M. Hellwinckel, Magen Shedden & Laurence Eaton
Multifunctional Perennial Production Systems for Bioenergy: Performance and ProgressWIREs Energy and Environment 9(5):e375Oskar Englund, Ioannis Dimitriou, Virginia H. Dale, Keith L. Kline, Blas Mola-Yudego, Fionnuala Murphy, Burton English, John McGrath, Gerald Busch, Maria Cristina Negri, Mark Brown, Kevin Goss, Sam Jackson, Esther S. Parish, Jules Cacho, Colleen Zumpf, John Quinn & Shruti K. Mishra
Impacts of Uncertain Feedstock Quality on the Economic Feasibility of Fast Pyrolysis Biorefineries with Blended Feedstocks and Decentralized Preprocessing Sites in the Southeastern United StatesGlobal Change Biology Bioenergy 12(11):1014-1029Kai Lan, Sunkyu Park, Stephen S. Kelley, Burton C. English, Tun-Hsiang E. Yu, James Larson & Yuan Yao
Impact of Government Subsidies on a Cellulosic Biofuel Sector with Diverse Risk Preferences Toward Feedstock UncertaintyEnergy Policy 146:111737Bijay P. Sharma, T. Edward Yu,, Burton C. English, Christopher N. Boyer & James A. Larson

Natural Resources

Article NameJournalAuthors
Deriving Site-Specific and Time-Varying Supply Curves for Forest Carbon StorageJournal of Environmental Planning and Management 63(3):1-19Seong-Hoon Cho, Amine Ben Ayara, Dayton Lambert & Christopher D. Clark
Optimal Spatial Budget Distribution of Forest Carbon Payments That Balances the Returns and Risks Associated With Conservation CostsEnvironment, Development and Sustainability 22(6):7239-7267Seong-Hoon Cho & Bijay P. Sharma
Do Ecological-Economic Tradeoffs Triggered By Budget Allocations for Forest Carbon Sequestration Change Under Different Market Conditions?Sustainability Science 16:69-84Seong-Hoon Cho, Young Gwan Lee, Bijay P. Sharma & Daniel J. Hayes
Spatial Targeting of Payments for Ecosystem Services Under Growth UncertaintiesApplied Spatial Analysis and Policy 13(4):805-822James C. Mingle & Seong-Hoon Cho
Optimal Budget Allocations for Protected Area Acquisition to Store Carbon in a Local Community Under Economic Growth UncertaintyAgricultural and Resource Economics Review 49(Special Issue 2):209-236Bijay P. Sharma, Seong-Hoon Cho & Chad M. Hellwinckel
Using Portfolio Theory in Spatial Targeting of Forest Carbon Payments: An Effective Strategy to Address Spatiotemporal Variation in Land-Use Opportunity Costs?Canadian Journal of Forest Research doi.org/10.1139/cjfr-2019-0270Bijay P. Sharma & Seong-Hoon Cho

Economic Impact

Article NameJournalAuthors
Economic Impacts from an On-Farm Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Event in TennesseeThe Review of Regional Studies 50(2):282-300Jamey Menard, Jada Thompson, Burton C. English, David Hughes, Andrew P. Griffith, Aaron Smith & Kimberly Jensen

Consumer & Household

2020 Refereed Articles CONSUMER & HOUSEHOLD
Article NameJournalAuthors
Reveal Preference Reversal in Consumer Preference for Sustainable Food ProductsFood Quality and Preference 79:103754Xuqi Chen, Zhifeng Gao & Brandon R. McFadden
Rank-Ordered Analysis of Consumer Preferences for the Attributes of a Value-Added Biofuel Co-ProductSustainability 12(6):1-17Yejun Choi, Dayton M. Lambert, Kimberly L. Jensen, Christopher D. Clark, Burton C. English & McKenzie Thomas
Consumer Preferences for Tennessee MilkJournal of Food Distribution Research 51(2):111-130Karen L. DeLong, Kimberly L. Jensen, Sreedhar Upendram & Elizabeth Eckelkamp
Consumer Preferences for Eco-Friendly Attributes in Disposable DinnerwareResources, Conservation and Recycling 161:104965MacKenzie B. Gill, Kimberly L. Jensen, Dayton M. Lambert, Sreedhar Upendram, Burton C. English, Nicole Labbe, Samuel W. Jackson & Robert J. Menard
Tennessee Consumer Willingness to Pay for Disposable Dinnerware Molded from Wheat StrawJournal of Food Distribution Research 51(2):19-39MacKenzie Gill, Kimberly L. Jensen, Sreedhar Upendram, Nicole Labbe, Burton C. English, Dayton M. Lambert, Samuel W. Jackson & R. Jamey Menard
Broadband Metrics and Job Productivity: A Look at County-Level DataThe Annals of Regional Science 66:161-184Roberto Gallardo, Brian Whitacre, Indraneel Kumar & Sreedhar Upendram
Consumer Food Waste Behavior Among Emerging Adults: Evidence from ChinaFoods 9(7):961Wang-Chin Tsai, Xuqi Chen & Chun Yang
Consumer Preferences for Labels Disclosing the Use of Neonicotinoid Pesticides: Evidence from Experimental AuctionsJournal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 45(3):496-517Xuan Wei, Alicia Rihn & Hayk Khachatryan


Article NameJournalAuthors
Estimating the Uncertainty—R&D Investment Relationship and Its Interactions with Firm SizeSmall Business Economics doi.org/10.1007/s11187-020-00346-8Seong-Hoon Cho & Jaimin Lee
Economic Growth Through Entrepreneurship: Determinants of Self-Employed Income Across Regional EconomiesPaper in Regional Science 99(1):73-95David B. Willis, David W. Hughes, Kathryn A. Boys & Devin C. Swindall
Academic-Related Perceptions, Beliefs, and Strategies of Undergraduate Agricultural StudentsAdvancements in Agricultural Development 1(1):75-85Samantha Jordan, Christopher Stripling, Christopher Boyer, Carrie Stephens & Nathan Conner
The Impact of US Sugar Prices on the Financial Performance of US Sugar-Using FirmsAgricultural and Food Economics 8(6):1-17Carlos J.O. Trejo-Pech, Karen L. DeLong, Dayton M. Lambert & Vasileios Siokos
The Impact of Demographic Changes on Funding for Community Development Programs Across the United StatesChoices, Quarter 4Sreedhar Upendram, David W. Hughes & Victoria Campbell
Prescriber Responses to a Pain Clinic Law: Cease or Modify?Drug and Alcohol Dependence 206:107591Jackie Yenerall & Melinda B. Buntin