2019 Tri-State Beef Conference Proceedings

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Virtual Tours
Lisa Shelton – John Queen Farms – North Carolina
Bill Hickman – Hickman Hollow Farm – Tennessee
Glenn Wheeler – Wheeler Farms – Virginia

Corn Silage as an Alternative Feed: Feeding to Cows and Stocker Cattle
Dr. Jason Smith, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, University of Tennessee

Advancing Reproductive Management
Case Study
Dr. Victor Mercadante, DVM, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Virginia Tech University

Beef Cattle Outlook
Dr. Kenny Burdine, Associate Professor, University of Kentucky

Stocker vs Feedlot Health
Dr. Mark Alley, DVM, Zoetis

Endophyte Fescue vs. Novel Endophyte: Impacts on Reproduction, Milk Production, and Stocker Growth
Dr. Matt Poore, Professor and Extension Leader, North Carolina State University

Restoring Feeding Areas Back to Pasture after Feeding and Developing a Feeding Area
Dr. Gary Bates, Professor and Director, UT Beef and Forage Center, University of Tennessee