2014 Tri-State Beef Conference Proceedings

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Virtual Tours
Whit and Rosalie Lee – Bell Buckle, TN
John Garrett – Damascus, VA
Bass and Sandra Hyatt, Brasstown, NC

Beef Cattle Outlook
Dr. Kenny Burdine, Assistant Professor & Livestock Marketing Economist, University of Kentucky

Pre-weaning Calf Management and Its Effects on Post-weaning Performance
Dr. Philipe Moriel, Assistant Professor & Livestock Specialist, North Carolina State University

Commodity Feed and Mineral Supplementation
Dr. Mark McCann, Professor, Virginia Tech

Novel Approaches to the Diagnosis of Respiratory Disease in Cattle
Dr. Marc Caldwell, DVM, DACVIM, Assistant Professor, Farm Animal Field Service, University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine

Overview of the Feedlot Industry Today
Mr. Jay Cortese, Manager of Cattle Procurement, Friona Industries, L.P.