Fertilizer Cost Calculator

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The Fertilizer Cost Calculator is an Excel based calculator which will help you evaluate the cost of applying varying levels of fertilizer and using various products. The Calculator should be used as a tool (along with a soil test) to evaluate estimated costs per acre for fertilizer.

The only fields in the spreadsheet which can be changed are:

  • Price per ton for Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, DAP and Muriate of Potash
  • Application rate per acre of (N,P2O5, and K2O) – example (60-30-30 or 60-0-30)
  • Application costs per acre ($/acre) – this may be a charge/acre to be truck spread, or a buggy rental fee prorated on a per acre basis.

For traditional standard blends of fertilizer (6-12-12 or 19-19-19) application rate would be adjusted by the number of pounds planned to apply per acre. Example: 200 pounds of 19-19-19 per acre would have the application rate of 38-38-38 and 300 pounds per acre would be an application rate of 57-57-57. A current soil test will assist you in evaluating the feasibility of applying a standard blend of fertilizer.

Note Regarding Security Settings: The decision-aid file contains macros (examples: buttons for printing and moving from the intro page to the calculator) which are required for the calculator to function properly. Security settings for Microsoft Office or Excel may give you warnings when you open the file regarding the safety of enabling the macros. This will especially be true if your security settings are set to high or very high. The macros in the file must be enabled for the calculator to function properly.

Download Fertilizer Cost Calculator

For additional information, contact Tammy McKinley, mckinley@tennessee.edu