Logistics for Enhanced-Attribute Feedstock

Next Generation Logistics Systems for Delivering Optimal Biomass Feedstocks to Biorefining industries in the Southeastern United States

The LEAF project goal is to develop a state-of-the-art biomass merchandizing and processing system to identify and reduce sources of variation along the supply chain of multiple, high-impact biomass sources, and to develop practices that manage biomass variability to deliver a consistent feedstock optimized for performance in specific technology platforms.

Task 4 of the project incorporates information from Tasks 1 through 3 and provides information on the feasibility impact of depots and pellets.

Two different analyses have been conducted. In both analyses, feedstock blends are set at 100% pine, 75% pine and 25% switchgrass, 50% pine and 50% switchgrass, and 25% pine and 75% switchgrass.

  • Alabama – Biorefinery location specified at _, AL.
  • Southeast – Biorefineries of two different sizes (2000 and 2500 dry MT per day operating 90% of the time) located in the southeastern United States using forest residues, thinnings, and other non-mercantable softwood feedstocks.

Southeast Analysis Results

Alabama Analysis Results