POLYSYS Documentation

POLYSYS is a socio-economic model of the US agricultural economy. POLYSYS is used by the USDA, Department of Energy, the EPA, and many non-governmental organizations to simulate the impact of policies that affect US agriculture. Originally created in the 1970’s, POLYSYS has been continually updated to represent the latest dynamics in the agricultural sector and to improve the modeling of landuse and environmental interactions. Past applications of the POLYSYS model include assessment of bioenergy policies, CRP payments, climate change impacts, farm bill impacts, carbon policies, and soil conservation incentives. Today POLYSYS simulates at a high spatial and temporal resolution, with landuse decisions determined at the county level and market price equilibrium determined in annual iterations for up to 50 years in the future.

Inquiries about the use of the model should be sent to Chad Hellwinckel.

Here you will find documentation of the model for researchers, users, and programmers.

Model Overview

Overview – slides
Carbon Accounting – slides
Regional Budget Estimation

Operation manuals

Biomass Simulations
Regional Version of POLYSYS

Modeling Specifics

Technical Flow
Technical Flow Map
Base Acreage
Assumed Inflation for Prices and Costs
Stochastic Model Setup
Explanation of Demand Elasticities
Baseline Expansion beyond USDA baseline
Biofuel Trade Module


Reporting of Costs in CTYouta files
Reporting of Costs in RESIDUES files

Examples of Past Applications of POLYSYS

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