Tennessee Master Farm Manager

Create a strong business foundation to make better decisions for your farm’s future!

The Tennessee Master Farm Manager focuses on solid business principals to help you better manage your operation. We will focus on helping you utilize resources on your farm efficiently.

Summer 2023 Sessions

Topics and Speakers

Live Zoom Webinars

June 6, 2023
Developing Business Plans for the Farm
Eryn Bell, Extension Specialist in Farm Management

June 8, 2023
Farm and Management Transition Planning
Charley Martinez, Assistant Professor and Extension Farm and Financial Management Specialist
and Kevin Ferguson, Extension Specialist in Farm Management and MANAGE Coordinator

June 13, 2023
Tax Planning and Recordkeeping: What the Producer Needs to Know
Alan Galloway, Extension Specialist in Farm Management

June 15, 2023
Navigating the Costs of Inputs and the Cost of Borrowing
Aaron Smith, Associate Professor and Extension Crops Marketing Specialist

June 20, 2023
Legal Considerations in the Business of Farming
Christy Bartee – Batson Nolan

June 22, 2023
Dodging the Iceberg: Tools for Effective Issues Management
Shelli Rampold, Assistant Professor

Pre-recorded Sessions

Understanding and Creating Financial Statements
Chris Boyer, Professor

Does Your Lease Agreement Protect You?
Chris Clark, Professor and Department Head

Managing Risk in Beef Cattle Operation
Andrew Griffith, Associate Professor and Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist

Row Crop Risk Management
Aaron Smith, Associate Professor and Extension Crops Marketing Specialist

More coming soon

Summer 2023 Course Information

Tennessee Master Farm Manager will focus on solid business principles and efficiently utilizing resources on the farm. The Master Farm Manager Course will utilize a hybrid method, with both prerecorded videos and live webinars. Zoom based webinar sessions will be held on Tuesday and Thursday nights starting June 6, 2023 at 7PM EST/6PM CST.  Registered participants will be emailed a Zoom link and instructions the day before each session.

Shortly after registering for the webinars you will receive an email with links to the recordings. Watch the recordings as your schedule allows.

To complete the course, eight of the eight sessions must be completed.

Online registration is open now through June 6, 2023


Register by mail
Deadline May 31, 2023

Flyer including registration form

For more information contact:
Tori Griffin at
tmarsh21@utk.edu or 615-374-1283


Kevin Ferguson at
kferguson@utk.edu or 615-898-7710

In-person Class Opportunities

Check back often to learn about in-person classes being offered.

TAEP Eligibility

Producers completing the Master Farm Manager certification will be eligible for 50% Cost Share for the following TAEP Programs:

Dairy Solutions, Genetics, Row Crop Solutions, Hay Storage, Hay Equipment, Livestock Equipment, Livestock Solutions, Permanent Working Structures, Agritourism, Fruits & Vegetables, Value-Added Production, Honey Bees, Horticulture & Poultry Growers

Charley Martinez talking to couple
Aaron Smith presenting to crowd
I plan to spend the last 10 years of my career developing and implementing a transition plan to take our family farm from my father’s generation to my son’s generation. The topics covered in this webinar could not have come at a better time for our family.
Absolutely great class!! While I have a background in accounting and understand financial statements, I learned how to apply that knowledge to farming to be able to make decisions for equipment, seed and livestock purchases and management. I’ll be referring to the handouts frequently as I write my business plan for my farm.
As a first-time emerging farmer…the information is invaluable to me. I plan on attending each offering in the future to help build on my knowledge.